Chris Doyle

Technology is too short to specialize!

Also...'DJ' are my middle initials!

About Me

Curriculum Design

Award - General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement
Book - Practical Exercises in Information Technology Management - ISBN 978-1-387-33803-0
Curriculum - Designer (RA) creating Hofstra University IT Course 076 Electronic Commerce
Curriculum - Delivered STEM/CS; Circuits, Coding, Enviro Battery, Game Theory and Robotics.
Exploit - CVE-2015-7664 (biometric payroll) Zero Day Exploit Published - US-CERT.GOV
Exhibits - Touch Screen A/V Console, BT/IR Wall, VR360, AuR@L, Virtual 'Hologram'
Presentation - HFTP national invite; Cyber Security - Your Security Through the Eyes of a Hacker
Presentation - Continuing Education presenter for Suffolk Cooperative Library System of NYS
Presentation - Security Awareness Training designed and presented to executives and managers
Tech Writing - Technical Writing - define scope, detail level; document compliance transparency
Web Design - Microsoft Corporation, Activating the Internet (ActiveX) Contest (Finalist/Winner)

DynaPlex Lab


USAFA-CAP - Squadron NY-207 - AFA CyberPatriot Mentor, OPSEC/INFOSEC - IT Officer
InfraGard - Partnership with FBI sharing info about US critical infrastructure - Nat'l Member
FIRST (LI) - Research and robotics, STEM based mentor-based engagement - SBPLI
K of C - Knights of Columbus Council #3481 (3rd Family Generation) - 4th Degree







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